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Fruit Fly Trap - yellow Dual sticky trap - Oxic Sticky Glued Paper(20-Pack) (Small, yellow)
Eco Material Safe to Handle Non Toxic Adhesive Lasts Months,Highly Effective,Safe Use Indoor or Outdoor .Great for Flower and Vegetables - Place Near Lights Safely and quickly eliminates fruit flies; flies that enter the trap cannot escape
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Pack of 20 Dual sticky fly traps

Non-Toxic, Adhesive,No Mess and Easy to Use

Fully disposable, Double-Sided; Draws pests like a magnet

Perfect Combo set for using, Easy to handle and count insects without getting sticky. These yellow sticky traps attract a broad spectrum of flying insects, including: aphids, whiteflies, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, and moths. Long lasting traps are weatherproof, and come with a wire twist to easily hang on plants or branches

A very good helper in life. Great for Flower and Vegetables, Houseplant

Package includes:

20 PCS Yellow Sticky Fly Traps(Contains 20 pieces of wire)